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04 July 2010 @ 04:29 pm
a perfume pimp post, kind of.  
inspired from dissuade's summer mix songs post, i did a little music post of my own. instead of a mix of songs i wanted to share songs i love from perfume. ♥ i love love love them and their songs so here's my personal picks for you to download and enjoy, also i picked a video for each song that i think will help you get hooked to that particular song. ;) happy perfume-ing!


comments: the first song i heard from perfume, still in love with it. i've heard it a hundred times and when i listen to it again it still makes me smile. it has a very sweet feel to it no matter how many times you listen to it. and old favorite from perfume!


comments: i didn't like the opening to this song and didn't bother to listen to the whole thing. but i was wrong because i grew to like it after hearing the whole song. the lyrics kind of suited my mood the time i was listening to it, it has a bittersweet feel to it.

comments: an instant favorite! listened to it once and i was hooked. a little bit different to the usual sweet vibe from perfume this one is a little more... empowering? hence the name. besides the song, it's the choreography that got me hooked to dream fighter. the choreography and the song definitely connect with each other. the choreography is an interpretation of the lyrics... in dance form haha.

comments: nothing particular to say about this song. just listen to it you guys. :)

comments: this song was used for a pino ice cream ad campaign, which the perfume girls were portrayed as stewardesses. like the title, the choreography for this song is stewardess-like which is very quirky and adorable i really love it.


comments: another instant favorite. i just love the feel of the whole song, i love it like i love perfume's polyrythm. and once again perfume has ace choreography in love the world. be sure to check out the performance!


comments: addicting once you listen to it a few times, and watching them dance while singing fushizen na girl also helps. one of my favorite choreographs from perfume.


comments: the side b track of fushizen na girl. not fond of it that much but i grew to like it, mostly because i've listened to fushizen na girl 3728426 times i needed to listen to something else. it has an adorable PV!

comments: OH MY GOD. THIS SONG. there's no .mp3 for it so you just have to watch it. the cardigan's lovefool has always had a spot in my heart. then i saw this pepsi CM with perfume i went, "ffffffffffffff <333" like a mesh of my favorite things. i hope they release a full version of this. OMG. also here's a full version of the song but it's a remix, but it's really good.

comments: listening through perfume's albums and stumbled upon zero gravity. not much to say, i just like it.


(it seems the internet has been cleaned recently and a lot of perfume's music that's been uploaded are deleted. i managed to find the songs in the end except for zero gravity, sorry.)

HOPE YOU ENJOYED THIS POST! :))) ......and if you haven't listened to any of that, shame on you. hurry up and load those youtube videos and download the .zip file. >:|

thank you for reading. ♥
i will cherish this thankful feelingpuchiro on July 5th, 2010 12:56 pm (UTC)
I loveeeeee perfume! especially chocolate disco ♥
and downloading :) thanks!!
香田梨素 。: pic#101908547shixon on July 5th, 2010 04:09 pm (UTC)
gotta spread the perfume love ♥
you're welcome bb~~~~